Ever wanted to own a website/blog of your own?

Maybe yes but have been held back because you don’t know how to set up and run a blog or website. A popular misconception is that to be able to run a website you need coding or programming skill. There are thousands of bloggers online who have no programming skills.

So, how do they run a website? You might ask.

Well, website and blog technology has evolved a lot. Now the situation is that with a few clicks you can establish and run a website. Websites and blogs use a variety of platforms to host their sites. Various type of blog/website platforms are html, Joomla, b2revolution, wordpress etc. However, WordPress is the most easy, secure and convenient way to run a website. It has a dag and drop features and the process is self explanatory. A total noob can set up a wordpress site. Before exploring that let’s discuss about wordpress a bit.

To establish a website you need two things: a domain name and a web hosting plan. A domain like is your physical address while hosting is akin to the actual to the place where you address belong. Once you purchase a domain name, the next thing you will need is hosting. There are many great website hosting providers like JNS Host. After you purchase a domain name and hosting plan, the first thing you need to connect your domain name and hosting account by pointing the nameservers in your domain account toward your webhost.

It is that simple. After you purchase a hosting plan, your host would give you two namerservers and will ask you to place them in your domain account so to connect the domain name with webhost. A namerserver will look like ns1.jnshost.com Within few hours your domain name and hosting will be connected. The next step is to install WordPress in your hosting account to host your site. Most of the webhosts have one click WordPress script installation facility and thus it is very easy to install WordPress.

At the time of installation of WordPress you will be asked a desired user name and password. Just note down it and you are ready to login to your WordPress site. The usual URL for admin log in is: www.yoursite.com/wp-admin/ For example, if your site name is www.jnshost.com, your admin login url would be www.jnshost.com/wp-admin/

What is the need for admin access? You might ask.

Admin is the place where you would be managing your website like updating your blog post, replying to your subscribers, viewing your site statistics, adding new features etc. Further this is the place where you will construct your WordPress site by installing a theme and adding necessary plugins. The process is dead simple because WordPress provides you drag and drop features. With a minimal learning, a complete noob can set up a website. Absolutely there is no need of programming and coding skills.

A blog or website is a great way to connect with others or do business in a globalised world like today. And owning and running a website has become a child’s play today. Thanks to WordPress. More than two third of websites on the web are powered by WordPress because it is simple to set up and easy to run.


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