Why SEO is needed

SEO, as you might know, stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is of course a technical issue but anybody can do it with some basic learning. If you have a website or blog, you must do SEO or else nobody will find your site on search engines like Google, Yahoo etc.

Doing SEO has two fold purposes:

  1. To index a site into search engines.
  2. To rank a site higher up in the search engine.

The first task is easy one. All major search engines have webmaster tools which include a site submitter. You can use that service to submit your site. This is free and the process is self explanatory. There are many free third party service available online. If you are newbie, it is recommended that you use third party service as they do the task professionally.

You may be wondering why you need to submit your site to search engines. The answer is that simple. Unless you submit your site to search engines like Google and Yahoo, your site will not show up when users search your site or keywords related to your site. Usually your site is included within 24-48 hours from the time of submission.

The main purpose of SEO is of course to rank a website/blog higher up. When you type a keyword, say ‘advertisement’ into Google, some 100, 000, 000 results are displayed. The sites you see in first two or three pages are the sites properly search engine optimized by their respective owners. It is established fact that users usually don’t go beyond first three pages of search result. Thus, to get noticed, your site must be in first or second page when a user search a keyword related to your niche. You, therefore, need SEO to ensure visibility of your website.

The second reason why SEO is needed is the traffic factor. Search engine traffic is the best traffic source and can guarantee good conversion. People who use search engines for information or to buy something are the potential customers. Search engine traffic is much targeted because no inducement is provided to attract such traffic. Finally, search engine traffic is free traffic. But to get this traffic, you need a flawless SEO.

As a corollary to above point, you need SEO to earn money online. Earning money is the ultimate aim of every business. Getting traffic and converting that traffic into revenue are two different things. Only targeted traffic can be converted into leads or sales. SEO helps you to get targeted traffic to your site and thus indirectly help you to earn money.

Finally, to establish authority in your niche, you need to search engine optimize your website. Sites that are displayed on the top in response to queries are usually regarded as the authority sites, even though there could be better websites on the web. The difference between the two is that the formers are flawlessly search engine optimized, while the latter are not. The fact should now be clear to you: it is is not just quality of content but also the search engine optimization factor that determines the authority of a site or blog.

Search engine optimization is sine quo non for succeeding in online business especially in eCommerce and blogging related business. Therefore, you must not neglect it.


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